Description as a Tweet:

It seems that the code is an implementation of a game, called "Buzzy Bee". The game consists of a bee trying to fly between two pipes while avoiding colliding with them. The game ends when the bee collides with a pipe or hits the floor or ceiling.


Enamored by themes of the bee present and the pink colors of the HackHer, we wanted to make something fun, cute, and feminine.

What it does:

It takes the Bee character from the HackHer, who is in a pink honeycomb, and they try to avoid pipes or the floor, or the ceiling. Similar to FlappyBird.

How we built it:

I used python and particularly the PyGame library, which was essential to constructing the code. There are three functions and a main program.

Technologies we used:

  • Python

Challenges we ran into:

The time crunch for making a working game, and wanting it to play smoothly. There is no working scoreboard besides what is printed on the console, only one pipe is displaying instead of two.

Accomplishments we're proud of:

We are proud that the game is somewhat working and has functionality.

What we've learned:

Programming is a gradual process, and requires constant updates. Something is never truly finished or ready.

What's next:

Increasing functionality, fixing bugs, adding more pipes or make them honeycombs. Hopefully, people from hackHer can take the game and use it as a fun interactive game on the website for people visiting and to embrace the themes of the hackathon, which is to not only learn but make technology fun!

Built with:

PyGame Python library.

Prizes we're going for:

  • Best Pitch/Demo
  • Mass State Lottery New Game Challenge
  • Cutest Hack

Team Members

Macy Graves
Nashita Jalil
Neissa Chery
Elana Sadok
Shhreya Anand

Table Number

Table 25