Description as a Tweet:

Our project consists of using a parsing algorithm to go through a txt file where it picks out the important dates and then allowing you to add it to you Google Calendar!


We wanted to make something functional for both university students and real-life people in the industry. By creating this, it allows students to go through their syllabus more efficiently and can allow them to pick and choose their more important dates.

What it does:

Our project takes in files that contain dates and times for key events like meetings. Then, our parsing algorithm goes through each line and filters out the data needed and hands it over to our second algorithm that uses the google calendar API to automatically add events to the user's calendar!

How we built it:

Our project uses a group-developed parsing algorithm that goes through the file to find events and their dates. Then, we send that to our second algorithm which adds the information into a format accepted by the Google Calendar API.

Technologies we used:

  • Javascript

Challenges we ran into:

One of the challenges we faced was that we initially wanted to create a google chrome extension, however, we decided to change it to make it a website, which allowed us to make the viewer screen wider and easier to view for the user. Although it was hard, switching over from an extension viewfield, we were able to adjust it to be applicable for a full webpage.

Accomplishments we're proud of:

I am proud of the parsing algorithm because we were able to efficiently connect the backend and front end of our project.

What we've learned:

We learned that it is very difficult to efficiently communicate to connect the backend and the front end part of the website. As a result of miscommunication, we often had trouble in converting between different formats throughout different files.

What's next:

For our project, we would like the increase the variety of words we can parse through, allowing the website to be more applicable and diverse.

Built with:

We built it with VScode and google calendar API. As we were coding we used the API to allow us to make the google calendar events and allowing us to save it.

Prizes we're going for:

  • PowerSquare Qi Wireless Phone Charger
  • Nintendo Switches
  • Apple AirPods 3rd Gen
  • JBL Clip Bluetooth Speakers
  • Bose Headphones
  • $500 total to the winning team
  • Google Cloud Swag Bag or Backpack

Team Members

Rosaline Zhu
Stanley Araki
Coo Katsuno
Catherine Qi

Table Number

Table TBD