Description as a Tweet:

We've made a Chrome extension that serves as a "productivity hub"!


We wanted to create a chrome extension since it was a new type of project for all of us. We wanted to work on a project that included interesting UX and design elements at the forefront, in order to prioritize the experience of the user. We were interested in making a product that prioritized wellness that we ourselves would be interested in using.

What it does:

As a productivity hub, we have many components to help productivity. These include a simple to do list and a representation of the weather, temperature, and time. We also have a timer for productivity and headphones that play relaxing background music with white noise.

How we built it:

We wrote HTML, CSS, and Javascript code with a json manifest to organize our extension. We divided up the work into our various expertise and created our own art and music.

Technologies we used:

  • Javascript

Challenges we ran into:

Getting started from nothing was hard, and we spend a decent amount of time formulating our concept. Once we got started, we weren't extremely familiar with many of the technologies so there was a learning curve in getting the project's infrastructure set up.

Accomplishments we're proud of:

We're proud of the general aesthetic and all of the creative work that went into the project, including art and music created by our members in the last 24 hours.

What we've learned:

We're learned how to create a functional chrome extension from scratch.

What's next:

We would like to add more functional components to this product like the ability to limit wesbites opened while the productivity timer is going, and a backend that stores the todo list more functionally. We'd also like to make the visuals more adjustable and have more options for images and music.

Built with:

We used visual studio code and started from scratch writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We also used online tutorials and opensource code.

Prizes we're going for:

  • Best Pitch/Demo
  • Best Software Hack
  • Cutest Hack
  • Best Hack for a Healthier Happier World
  • Best User Experience / Product Design Hack

Team Members

Maryam Abuissa
Tina Zhang
Emi Eliason
Sherry Jiang

Table Number

Table 31